Name IT Workshop


Name IT Workshop


Learn how to develop a new name in this 1 hour workshop. 

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There's no special magic to creating a great name. Only best practices.

Ideal For

This workshop is ideal for marketers, product managers, executives, and other participants. It is appropriate for small and large organization and is customized to include new entity names, product names, nomenclature alignments, services, etc. Recommended workshop size is approximately 10 to 20 participants. All workshops are customized to meet your organization's needs and industry. 

What's Included

Upon purchase, Sheryl will contact you directly to schedule a 1-hour telephone call to understand your assignment along with workshop scheduling and other considerations you want to address. All workshops are conducted in-person. Travel expenses (if incurred) are billed at cost. 

This workshop includes all the basics including how to start the process early with the right team, develop a framework and creative brief, understand the name within the context of the brand portfolio (if applicable), the distinction between naming a brand or just creating a new name, the steps required for new name generation, how to work with corporate or outside legal counsel, domain considerations, and recommendations on how to build recognition over time. 

We guarantee a fun, informative session that will build team confidence that will change the dialogue pertaining to name development.

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