COPD Never Alone


COPD Never Alone

1. Acknowledgement 

Learn how Never Alone addresses the patient directly by acknowledging, the daily struggle of COPDers. Unlike a commercial pharmaceutical spot, which attempts to normalize the disease in a manner that is out of sync with patient reality, Never Alone is meant to infer reality without being morose. 

2. Gratitude

COPD demands extensive ongoing emotional and medical support. Never Alone creates a vehicle for recognizing individual "lifesavers" who deserve to be called out for their relentless professionalism, love, commitment and support. 

3. No Judgment 

A significant percentage of COPD patients have a history of smoking. Never Alone tackles head on that COPD is a disease that doesn't just plague the uniformed or lazy; rather it is about recognizing individuals  whom for  better or worse, have made individual choices in which they must live with the consequence. It's about encouraging patients to get treatment. or toll-free 1.800.284.2135. 

In July of 2012, I lost my dad to a long, hard fight with COPD. Everyone has a different way to mourn, I took my grief and translated it into what I have dubbed as the Never Alone Campaign. I developed this concept within the first 6 months of my dad's passing and shoved it into a drawer until now. I have every intention of seeing it  brought into existence to help drive awareness and resources (whether it be research or otherwise) for those with COPD.  

Never Alone is turn-key and has a fundraising and social media component built right into it. One that I think should benefit patients and caregivers. It is meant to call out COPD Life Savers and acknowledge the level of commitment and compassion by those who are involved in supporting individuals who carry on while living their life with a disease that literally attempts to steal their breath away. The creative ideas behind it are ready for development and execution, which are meant to be brought to life in broadcast and print format. The only major element that remains is to establish a corporate sponsor and the right nonprofit to benefit by it.

Sincerely, Sheryl. 

One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody
— Mother Teresa