DVB-H Mobile TV Transmitter for Harris Corporation 

Creating a "hip" factor for a traditional product

Harris Broadcast was looking to establish a new name that would carry it forward as being innovative and part of emerging mobile technology. Cool Play represented a departure in terms of naming because it spoke to the idea of being cool in the sense of “hip” while being able to reinforce its proprietary convection-cooled technology. In addition, the company needed a name to be on par with Modeo a new mobile TV service.


Arts & Cultural Museum Software for blackbaud 

A non-profit solution provider in a highly specialized market.

Tugboat was brought into develop a unique name that would speak to the nonprofit world directly. Altru was developed after several candidates were deemed to be off-strategy for this highly specialized market. The name is taken from the word altruistic, which resonated for those who work, live and play in the arts and cultural universe. seeking to distinguish its brand in a highly specialized market.

The good life managed well.

Private Wealth Management Firm 

Communicating intangible value 

An independent financial advisory firm was looking to convey it’s fee-based model and comprehensive approach for managing wealthy clients to help position the company’s long-term brand strategy. They fell in love with this positioning and decided to adopt it formally as their company tagline.


Next generation microwave technology 

After spending almost a year on name development with zero success, Tugboat was brought in to assist with creating a new name within 6 weeks prior to a global product launch in Switzerland. We had to work lightening fast to make sure we could get a name that was easy to remember and pass legal clearance with strong transliteration. 

Man Over Market 

Independent Trader 

A new service launches with "Trade Smarter" tagline

Our client was about to go to market with a noncompetitive descriptive name. Tugboat stepped in to create a name that individual day traders could identify with - a name that spoke directly to the idea of man against market with the tagline Trade Smarter to communicate the brand’s core benefit. Common industry parlance is that a trader can “get beat up by the markets” and we wanted to capture a sense of control and success. Because the domain was taken the end name became ManOverMarket.

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