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Tugboat Brand & Business Development is launching three ecommerce branding solutions that can be purchased online without the hassle of issuing an RFP. The Name IT Workshop, Anytime Marketing Minutes, and Brand Power are customizable and designed to help in-house marketers gain traction internally and guide best practices in terms of name ideation and marketing services pertaining to brand. 

"There's a healthy amount of skepticism by those within the industry that this cannot be done because of the unique characteristics and needs posed by individual clients," noted Sheryl Kravitz, an independent consultant who founded Tugboat in 2001 after leaving Interbrand. "Strong brand fundamentals and best practices for select services do not require an extensive RFP to get underway."  

Today's marketers are under the gun to outperform in a continual state of beta. As a small consultancy, we have found that whether you are a start-up or a large global enterprise the challenges to brand development demand a new level of service and price transparency. This type of service is to provide flavor and insight on how Tugboat Brand & Business Development can add client value without  long-term strings. 

About Tugboat Brand & Business Development 

Formed in 2001, Tugboat Brand & Business Development is an award-winning brand and marketing consultancy that specializes in B2B. Since its beginning, the firm has been driven to challenge the status quo in how branding services are provided. We believe in strong fundamentals, not cookie cutter approaches or solutions. Tugboat approaches brand development as a composite of culture, business model and leadership style, and therefore, works closely with every client to ensure that its unique brand footprint is understood and developed to its fullest potential. or call 1.800.284.2135.