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Apple Pay is here and it's upsetting the proverbial Apple cart (yes pun intended) with big box retailers like Walmart and CVS.  Both of whom just announced that they will not accept Apple Pay. It's a wait and see in terms of how the consumer copes with that rejection and whether it will make an impact or not at these retailers.  

The real story here is not just about convenience and reliability it's about who owns the data. Cook has already taken on Google in his recent remarks, "with Google you are the product".  The fact that Apple Pay makes payment that much faster and easier is one thing;  what is more revealing is how fearful these companies are toward being circumvented on the data front. Apple is placing its bet that the future of mobile payment and individual preference for limits on using your data is here. Seems to me that Apple is uninterested in literally mining you, the individual as a source of revenue in terms of where you go and what you buy, instead it's placing its bet on the public's need for convenience and privacy. Based on the recent breaches at Target and Chase, I remain  unconvinced that a consortium of big box retailers can outrun Apple or the public on this one.