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How to be a stand out brand

There's just something about Paris. And that is exactly what brand is supposed to be about. It makes a connection, conjurs up an experience like none other, an association we just want to immerse ourselves into. Even If it's only for a little while. It's the perfect metaphor for brand leadership. Sure there other beautiful cities in Europe all with their own charm, but can anyone really say they've been to Europe without seeing Paris? I don't think so. 

The allure and mystique of Paris is steeped in architecture, history, language, fashion, literature and art.  For Americans, some of Paris' greatest brand ambassadors were expatriats from the Lost Generation of the 1920s. Writers and artists came in droves. Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein quickly come to mind. Then later on after WWII there were plenty of films by Hollywood to further reinforce its image. 

To be a "Paris" takes more than being a well-built city with good roads and restaurants. Your brand has to have that "je ne sais quoi." That special something that keeps it relevant and thriving for the forseeable future.