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It's a question I asked myself after reading this year's Pantone color of the year: Red Orchid. Sure one could argue that this is used primarily by the design industry for fashion, home interiors and consumer goods.

But I couldn't help thinking about trying to get our B2B clientelle to consider a color like red orchid.No doubt it would be a tough sell, even though it's a color that is widely underutilized as a corporate color for industrial, telecom, and many other industry sectors.

Why is that? Perhaps it is because we have such strong emotions that tend to be ridiculously gender-based that we randomly dismiss a perfectly beautiful color without giving it a chance to be applied in a bold manner that redefines our idea of it. What a waste! 

Building a great brand is about being able to take risks and set yourself apart from the competition. It's not about creating a me-too identity refresh, where swapping out your corporate logo from your competitor is indistinguisable.