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I had just started to workout and was cruising through Apple’s new interface and decided to click on the Disney station. To my delight, I swiped and listened to several songs that elevated my mood and inspired me to start thinking about a question I had been asked by a previous client as in, “What’s your favorite brand and why?”

Interesting enough, it was a question that caught me a bit off guard. Believe it or not, he was the first to ask. And since then, I’ve given it some thought and have determined that Disney is my favorite because…

  • The body of music and artists is nothing short of staggering. I mean really. Even if you have a bone to pick with the company there is no denying its contribution to American music.  Singers, songwriters, orchestration and lyrics are a treasure trove of incredible music. You’re made of stone if you aren’t affected by lyrics like this:
I’m malicious, mean and scary. My sneer could curdle dairy and violence-wise, my hands are not the cleanest, but despite my evil look, and my temper, and my hook I’ve always yearned to be a concert pianist.
— The "I've got a dream" song from Tangled


  • Before “technology” was a glimmer in anybody’s eye, Disney produced Fantasia in 1940 considered then and now to be a masterpiece 
  • For creating wonderfully clever names such as “Cruella de vil” that put a smile on my face
  • No offense to GE, but Disney spearheaded“imagineering” years before “imagination at work” 
  • I think it’s fair to say the company was way ahead on being “multicultural” and “connectivity” when it introduced the iconic “It’s a Small World” exhibit at the New York World’s Fair in 1964 to help support the United Nations Fund.
  • It captures every aspect of human nature and formative life experience through the eyes of children with adult irony (capable of bringing a tear or two to guys who will never admit it)  Deception, greed, jealousy, loss, happiness, friendship, love and more. It’s all here.
  • I cannot think of a single company that is remotely close to what Disney has created in terms of brand experience and understanding the customer journey. Not even Apple. Bar none the most difficult, impatient and demanding customer segments are parents and their brood from every socio-economic demographic on the planet. I dare anyone to debate me on this! 
  • When it comes to setting an industry standard. The company nails it. Staying relevant? check. Brand extension? Resorts, TV, cruises, games, licensing and more. Check. Innovation? Duh, check. Creativity? Please, check. Global appeal? Check. Brand experience? Super check. Pricing privilege? Oh yeah big time. Check. Every single brand attribute most companies clamor for Disney does and does exceptionally well.

Look not everything Disney does, do I agree with or can excuse. I don’t like my six year old watching several of the Disney shows on television. Nor do I care for some of its by-products like Miley Cyrus, but I certainly do not hold the brand accountable as the culture police. It’s a commercial brand in business to make money. 

For me brand is about telling a story, creating a connection - having a purpose that is larger than one’s self.  Disney is a brand among brands because it is the world’s most prolific storyteller. 

After we are all gone what remains? Our stories and how they shape us. 

Nobody is immune to Disney.